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As a result, it is difficult to establish exactly how much strategy index trading generates at each bank. Nie mogę mówić o wszystkim strategie handlowe w jednym artykule, więc skupmy się na tych, którzy nie mają wskaźniki.

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Selling strategy indices[ edit ] These indices have been sold under the following premises, which need not be always true, They offer a new asset class that is uncorrelated to conventional asset classes such as equitiesbonds and commodities. Compared to hedge funds and mutual funds, these strategies are very transparent and the client can buy them only if they like the idea behind the strategy.

Some types of strategies also benefit from accounting reasons, for instance, in Germany, Notes linked to interest rates can be issued in the "Schuldschein"-format.

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This enables interest rate linked strategies to be issued as "Schuldschein". Trades that can be structured on these indices[ edit ] Asset Side: These trades are usually structured for institutional clients looking to invest their money in a different asset class.

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A typical trade would involve leveraged returns on an index with a floor on the performance. Liability Side: These trades are aimed at corporate clients, such as midsize companies and banks looking for ways to service their loans.

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More recent trades entail the client paying a fixed rate below the fair interest rate swap and receiving an index designed to replicate the Libor e. MMI by Deutsche Bank — such a saving for the client interest rate swap — fixed rate is due to the lower forwards implied Strategia handlu indeksem the index by construction and the client bearing any potential basis risk difference between index and Libor.

Financial institutions that have bought these products[ edit ] Several Institutional clients and mid-cap corporates have purchased products based on Strategia handlu indeksem strategies.

Some major clients include: Kaupthing the now nationalized Icelandic bank Landsbanki the now nationalized Icelandic bank Pension funds in Germany and Netherlands such as NAEV and Shell Metro Lisbon Bancaja of Spain Financial institutions selling these products[ edit ] A number of major investment banks have dedicated strategy index teams or are looking to establish one.

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These desks usually work under the exotic derivatives umbrella at each bank. As a result, it is difficult to establish exactly how much strategy index trading generates at each bank.

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Considering that it is possible to charge up to 1. Disadvantages and pitfalls[ edit ] Like other financial products, strategies that involve trading strategy indices have burnt the fingers of many a pension fund and small bank.

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The simplest argument against these strategies would be this: If the strategy is expected to be very profitable, the only eyes that it would catch would be the proprietary desks of these investment banks. For example, the fed funds curve strategy actually ends up being behind the curve as Strategia handlu indeksem takes action based on what the fed has already done — this implies that the steepening has already occurred.

However, such argument can hold true for everything a bank is willing to trade. A more serious issue is the danger that past backtested performance is simply the result of data-snooping — especially when signals are plentiful and difficult to justify on economic grounds e.