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Möller-Leimkühler, Anne Maria; Yücel, Mete Scientific evidence for a male-typed depression "male depression" is still limited, but mainly supports this concept with respect to single externalizing symptoms or symptom clusters.

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In particular, studies on non-clinical populations including males and females are lacking. The present study aims at assessing general well-being, the risk and the symptoms of male depression dependent on biological sex and gender-role orientation on instrumental masculine and expressive feminine personality traits in an unselected community sample of males and females.

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Students males, females of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany, were asked to participate in a "stress study" and complete the following self-report questionnaires: the WHO-5 Well-being Index [Bech, P. Quality of Life in the Psychiatric Patient. Male depression and suicide.

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Masculine instrumental and feminine expressive traits. A comparison between students in the United States and West Germany.

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Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 12, ]. General well-being of the students was significantly lower compared to population norms. Contrary to expectations, female students had a greater risk of male depression than male students In the subgroup of those at risk for male depression, biological sex and kind of symptoms were unrelated.

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Principal component analyses revealed a similar symptom structure for males and females. The results are consistent with the Standard Model expectation.

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These data provide constraints on the related O alpha systematic uncertainties on the measurement of the W boson mass at LEP.